About Us

During the year of 1929, the idea of the Beulah Baptist Church was conceived.  Under the leadership of Rev. W. M. Taylor, the Beulah Baptist Church was first organized on Virginia Street at the home of Bro. Ben Allen.  Rev. Taylor decided to convert one of his cottage houses into a church in 1930 to help keep his members together after moving from Bertville, LA.  The dedicatory service was held on the fourth Sunday in September of that year.  Rev. Taylor served two years as pastor before his passing in May 1931.
After the death of Rev. Taylor, the Rev. Horace Leonard served for six months before other duties forced him to resign.
On February 5, 1932 Rev. M. J. Hubbard was designated as pastor of the church.  Under his leadership, the congregation of 32 members marched to a new location on Maryland Street on November 17, 1940.  The church then became known as the Greater Beulah Baptist Church.  Rev. Hubbard served for 21 years before departing this life on April 2, 1953.
In June 1953, Rev. R. A. Clark was chosen to pastor the Greater Beulah Baptist Church.  In August 1961 the congregation was forced to leave the old location on Maryland Street.  Church services were then held at the Good Hope Baptist Church until a new edifice could be built.  Under Rev. Clark's leadership the present site for the church was purchased.  Rev. Clark served over 40 years at Greater Beulah until his death in December 1993.
On June 25, 1994 Rev. Alando G. O'Connor was elected pastor.  Rev. O'Connor worked on several projects of acquiring additional property for the church as well as fulfilling the development of the Greater Beulah Baptist Church Fellowship Hall that was dedicated to the memory of Rev. R. A. Clark.  Rev. O'Connor served the church for five years until he left to further pursue the visions of his ministry calling.
Rev. Darrick R. Johnson joined the Greater Beulah family as pastor in 2001 and served for five years.  Rev. Johnson was instrumental in the expansion of property acquisition and the continued growth of the church.
In February 2006 Rev. Michael D. Mallet was elected as the pastor of the Greater Beulah Baptist Church.  He and First Lady Jacqueline Mallet are shining beacons of light, and we are grateful for their commitment to seeing the church continually reach for new heights.  Take a look around and you will see Pastor Mallet's great influence: the renovation of the church and the fellowship hall, the explosive growth in spirituality and in membership at Greater Beulah, and the positive impact being carved into the South Baton Rouge community.  Pastor Mallet has made reaching out to youth in the area a major priority, and these young people have been inspired to serve God like never before. 
The future of Greater Beulah is indeed bright with the leadership of Pastor Mallet and the wonderful God-loving members of the church family.  We invite you to join us as we build upon our history to further the Word of God and continue to bring souls to Christ.